If your child is looking to prepare for the 11+, turning to a tutor for assistance can help to build their confidence and key skills.

From discussing the sort of questions they’ll be asked to working through past papers, a tutor can work through the approaches needed in order to excel.

If you believe this method will help your child, speak with one of our many 11+ tutors and they’ll be able to provide support and guidance.

Why will tutors use 11+ resources to help your child?

In order to help with preparation ahead of the 11+, tutors can rely on numerous resources to supplement their teaching.

All of these resources, including past papers and example questions, can be used to supplement the work of a tutor by challenging your child to think creatively and to question what they’re being asked.

Some papers will also address verbal reasoning, which will bring together a number of the skills and topics that your child has learned during primary education.

These types of skills feature heavily in the 11+ and a major factor in a youngster’s success can be knowing what to expect from the papers they’ll be given – that way they’re not surprised when they sit down on exam day and first open the paper.

Of course the exact nature of the questions will vary greatly, but even understanding the types of question can make a big difference.

What resources are available to tutors?

Tutors can access a range of different 11+ resources to support them when assisting your child, some of which are outlined here.

Onlineelevenplusexams.co.uk hosts an array of English and Maths support, alongside verbal and non-verbal reasoning documentation. You can also access guidance on the 11+ if you want to better your understanding of what your child will face in the exam too.

Another option tutors may rely on is 11plus.co.uk, a dedicated online resource packed with printable papers and online tools designed to help boost your child’s confidence.

11plusehelp.co.uk also provides a variety of different mock papers, all of which are designed to be as close to the real thing as possible – from time-based papers to short and long-form questions.

Lastly, rlseducational.co.uk has an extensive collection 11+ papers which are designed to help youngsters preparing for a wide range of school entrance exams.

All of these resources can be worked through with support from one of our tutors, with the aim of giving your child the best possible chance of success on exam day.

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