When a child first starts school and enters their reception class it can be a big and new experience for them, especially if they have been predominantly at home during their early years.


This can be a very big change for a child, as well as for parents and although their reception teacher will provide help and support, there will be times when additional help is required to enable children to progress through the different learning aspects of the foundation stage.

This can be as simple as assistance with phonics, reading and writing or help with more complex areas such as maths.

The role of a tutor at this stage can help, not just the child, but also provide parents with different resources, materials and ways in which they can help support their own child.

Accelerate Tutors can put in you in touch with experienced early years tutors who can work with you to create new fun routines to help your child’s development.

Our tutors can offer 1:1 support or group classes via face-to-face or online sessions.

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