Finding the perfect History tutor couldn’t be simpler with Accelerate Tutors! Our History tutors cover all subjects, age ranges and geographical locations; the right tutor for you can be found through the click of a few buttons!

All History tutors at Accelerate Tutors are fully qualified teachers and have a strong background in the subject, ensuring they are providing a high level of tuition as well as keeping up to date with the latest syllabus and materials.

All of our tutors have built up unique communication skills, with the ability to identify the best way to present and teach in a way that matches your individual needs. 


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A-level History tutor

There’s quite the leap between GCSE and A-level History (including AS-level History) and can sometimes be difficult to grasp what is required at the higher level.

It can however be an important part of a career path should you wish to further pursue a career with a focus on History, such as Journalist, Solicitor, Curator or a Librarian.

This is where help from a private tutor can be vital in aiding student understanding, in the early stages of a course as well as throughout and preparing for final examinations.

The tutors at Accelerate can provide either in 1:1 or a small group class sessions the best resources and past papers in order to achieve the best outcome for you and your final grade.

Accelerate can put you in touch with experienced A-level History tutors from across the UK, ready to give you or your child the necessary support and advice that is required and help understand historical events further.

 Find for your A-level History Tutor today.


GCSE History tutors

All children who have chosen History as an option will complete their GCSE qualifications at the end of Year 11, with an emphasis on providing a conceptual understanding of History.

Accelerate’s GCSE History tutors will provide support with the latest GCSE History syllabus as well as guidance throughout the year; boosting their knowledge and confidence ahead of their GCSE exams in order to provide the best chance of achieving a high grade.

Our GCSE History tutors will cover a variety of GCSE subjects including:

  • Understanding the modern world – period studies
  • Shaping the nation – Thematic studies and British depth studies


History Tutor Near Me

Accelerate offer tutor’s all over the country and by utilising our online search you can find a History tutor by specific History subject or by specific age group that’s near you and ready to assist with your needs.

If you are unable to find a maths tutor near you then we have many online History tutors.