Dear Tutors & Students,

Over the past two years, we have had the great pleasure of creating a community of Tutors and building a service of which we’re very proud. However, given the current economic and regulatory climate, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to close the Accelerate Tutors site, effective immediately.

This is hugely disappointing for us, and I’m sure for many of you as well, but we hope that you can continue your learning journey independently.

What happens next?

  • Students are no longer be able to create new bookings via the site.
  • Existing bookings that have been confirmed and paid for will be honoured.
  • Any unconfirmed requests initiated by Tutors will not be able to be confirmed.
  • Students and Tutors will be able to cancel bookings, but not reschedule or rebook.
  • Any funds held in student accounts will be refunded to them over the next few weeks.

In due course, the site will be retired, and profile information deleted for your security.

Thank you again for choosing Accelerate Tutors, and we wish you all the best in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]