Accelerate your child’s learning with our online, small group class sessions

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We've added a number of engaging classes for all ages, to keep students active and learning during the summer holidays.

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Group Tuition is a great way to help spread the cost of learning. Our online group sessions typically hold 4-6 pupils and are matched with others of a similar level and age group, to ensure maximum engagement and high delivery of lesson content.

Our talented teachers offer small group classes with a range of options to choose from, covering all subjects and ages from Early Years Phonics right through to A-level Physics group classes.

Students can choose to join singular sessions or reap the rewards of accessing the full course to help track development and progress – the decision is yours.

All sessions are on a first-come, first served basis and aim to build student’s confidence and overall understanding in various key topic areas.

The benefits of group tuition

Group tuition can offer many benefits that are sometimes not associated with private 1:1 tuition.

Sessions are fun, focussed and sociable to help develop confidence when interacting and learning with others. Students will be matched with others at a similar level and ability and by working together will create an encouraging and supportive environment, plus provide some healthy competition! Students will also benefit from learning from each other and listening to questions they may not have thought of themselves (or may not have had the confidence to ask!).

Group tuition is aimed at helping students who are perhaps falling behind and need additional support in order to improve / help achieve their desired grade.

Our tutors can lend a guiding hand throughout the transition from primary to secondary, SATs boosters, GCSE and A-level prep, plus general Maths, English, Science or any subject specific support.

Group tuition can help unlock not just a student’s understanding of a subject, but also their ability, giving them the tools to apply new found strategies to other subjects and release their potential. 

Is group tuition expensive?

Group classes can often be considerably cheaper than 1:1 private tuition; tutors set their own hourly rate and pricing can depend on their experience plus subject and level, all of our tutor’s hourly rates can be found on their profiles.

What is included in a 1:few tuition session?

The first lesson is likely to include time for an open discussion about the students’ learning requirements, so that the tutor can then tailor lessons in order to maximise the learning time for the group.

Course materials may be provided by the tutor, this will be discussed at the very beginning.


Is group tuition safe?

Many of our tutors hold a DBS, simply look out for the icon on their profile and ask for more details about their credentials, they will be happy to supply more information.