The build up to exams can often be more nerve-racking than the actual exam itself and revising can be overwhelming, particularly if a specific subject is hard to grasp. 


Our tutors can provide the right level of support, communicated in a way which will assist learning and subsequently improve confidence around the chosen subject.

Can a tutor improve a student’s confidence?

Confidence is key when approaching an exam, the more prepared a student can be, the more confident they will naturally feel.

Our tutors will come up with a comprehensive plan to help tackle exam prep, backed with resources such as questions from past papers to help visualise what to expect on the day.

When should I start exam support?

During Year 10 for GCSE exams or Year 12 for A-level exams, it will quickly become apparent  if tuition support is required.

With exams becoming increasingly more important as coursework is reduced further, having the support of a tutor during the academic year and leading up to exams can make a significant difference to exam performance and the subsequently, to grade.

Some students will need more exam preparation and practice than others, as not everyone will receive the amount of support they need in the classroom; this is where a 1:1 tutor can help bridge the learning gap.

Can I gain extra exam support during school holidays?

Yes, our tutors are available during school holidays in order to assist with exam support.

Studying during the school holidays can be extremely beneficial for a student who has fallen behind at school or college to make up for ‘learning loss’. This is especially true of the long summer holidays when the momentum of learning quickly disappears and key concepts and knowledge can be forgotten.

If you have important exams at the beginning of a term then regular tutor sessions to ensure continual learning can help.

I have additional needs, can tutor exam support help?

Yes, our tutors will work with students and any specific needs which they  may have such as dyslexia, in order to find the best learning method and technique to help them through exams.