Seeking the help of a tutor can have a massive benefit on your child’s education, providing another level of learning support for them.

But with a number of different tutors out there to provide assistance, finding the right one that can support your child’s needs is crucial.

That’s when having the opportunity to speak with them can provide useful insight into how exactly they can help – from defining their specific knowledge areas to explaining where they can give additional guidance.

Why identifying where your child needs support is crucial

Here at Accelerate Tutors we have a range of fully qualified tutors with in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, enabling them to identify areas where your child may need additional help.

This enables them to develop sessions tailored to meet your child’s particular needs and to focus on what will bring them most benefit in exams or coursework.

In addition, they can also look at exam techniques and questions, meaning your child should be as prepared as can be for when they walk into the exam room.

How a free introductory call can help

All tutors have expert knowledge of the current curriculum and will be aware of the common stumbling blocks that children may face.

You’ll have the opportunity to speak with our tutors before purchasing a session with them, as that way you can get to know more about the individual that will be helping your child.

They’ll be able to outline the best route forward for them and you can rest assured that they have the necessary subject-specific knowledge that is required.

This approach enables you discover their skills and knowledge far quicker than using messaging services and it’s a far more personable approach.

What else do you need to know?

If you’re still unsure about whether the services of a tutor are right for your child, you should find out how they feel about the situation themselves.

Sit down and talk to them, especially if they have a coursework deadline or exam looming, as they’ll know whether they’re in a good position to succeed and will likely confide in you.

Should they see a need for additional support, you can use the free introductory call with one of our tutors to identify exactly what help is needed.