According to the world’s largest search engine Google, the demand for online tuition has never been greater.

So is this the right time to become an online tutor? Simple answer is YES!

Google Trends has shown that in the UK, during 2019, interest in online tuition had increased during the year.

High levels of interest were sustained throughout lockdown due to school closures, however when schools re-opened there was still a strong demand for online tuition.

It is clear from this data that when schools closed their doors, parents wanted the best for their children and with face to face tuition becoming less of an option due to certain restrictions, online tutor sessions was the only way to progress a child’s learning.

As there appears to be no immediate end to the current pandemic it is likely that the strong demand for online tuition will continue– especially in the run up to the next round of GCSE and A-Level examinations.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

  • Travel There are no travel costs involved and there are no geographical constraints on who you tutor.
  • Work your own hours – You can work evenings and weekends without leaving your own home and have several sessions back to back due to zero travel time.
  • Money – As there’ll be no travel expenses, you can save the money that you would have otherwise spent on petrol or travel tickets. Help the environment and save on printing costs by sharing materials and resources on your screen instead! Increase your earning potential by working as little or as many hours as you like.

Do I need to be an IT guru?

Not at all, the introduction of online technology such as Zoom and Skype has meant that previous barriers to online tuition have been removed. All online platforms have straightforward, ready to use guides to assist if required.

Computers, tablets and smart phones all now have the capability to provide video sessions with built in cameras and microphones; this will make setting up your lessons a less onerous task than what it previously may have been.

You will be able to share your screen to help with learning styles should it be required, whereas historically you would need to write this out.

Online tuition opens up an infinite potential pool of students and parents across England for you to connect with.

Accelerate Tutors uses Zoom as a preferred platform for online tutor lessons.

Will I need to adapt my teaching style?

If you are a current tutor who has historically undertaken face to face tuition, then at first you may find moving to an online approach a difficult concept to grasp, and you’ll need to think about how your existing style of teaching (face to face) can translate to a more online approach.

However, you’ll find that you will still retain the same teaching style; you’ll have the same resources to provide (just emailed to the student rather than a handout) and you will still see the pupil – albeit now through a camera.

You will save time and money by not traveling to a pupil’s home (or meeting place) but will still be providing the same high quality level of teaching.

In reality, nothing will change.

After you have had an initial conversation with your student via Zoom, you will be able to assess the current level of the student and the gaps that need to be filled, then you will know how to plan out the lessons as you would have historically.

Instead of printing off worksheets and materials you will simply email them over ahead of the lesson.

How will I find online tutoring jobs?

Marketing your services as an online tutor may be perceived as one of the most challenging steps, but this is where Accelerate Tutors can help assist as we will undertake the marketing aspect for you.

We will look to raise the search visibility of your profile through various marketing channels, in order to make as many parents as possible aware of your services as a tutor.

This will allow you to concentrate on delivering a high quality online session.