Choosing an online tutor may seem a daunting task, especially as there are thousands of online tutors, across a wide range of subjects all offering a similar tuition solution for you and your child.

It is obviously important to get the right tutor in order to progress your child’s learning and to address any gaps, so Accelerate Tutors have pulled together some points to assist you in your search:

What qualifications do they hold?

This may sound like an obvious check but always make sure that the Tutor you are wanting to hire, holds the relevant qualifications within the subject that you are wishing them to teach.

For example, if you want a GCSE Maths tutor then hiring a tutor that has a degree in Music or English wouldn’t be the right fit.

Do they hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)? By holding this qualification, it will allow them to teach within a school setting.

All tutors on the Accelerate Tutors site currently hold QTS, by holding QTS a Tutor will have a certain standards to adhere to, as well as understanding the syllabus your child will be working towards.

As they will have extensive experience within the current curriculum, they can immediately pinpoint where your child’s level of knowledge and understanding should be and can quickly hone in on the areas that need the most support.

How long have they been teaching?

There are a couple of experience factors that you need to be mindful of when in search of an online tutor, such as how long have they been teaching and subject matter experience.

The more teaching experience a tutor has, then it is likely that they are better at explaining the subject and the relevant course concepts through online sessions.

This isn’t to say that other tutors won’t have the right communication skills but those who have undertook online tutoring for a while will know how to unlock learning through effective communication.

With regards to subject experience, some tutors will offer support for GCSE and A-levels, but the majority of their experience may be at a lower level such as a Primary School Teacher.

When working towards GCSE and A-level qualifications you will need a tutor that has in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and subject that your child is working towards.

How much do they cost?

Naturally there will be different costs per hour based upon different subjects and subject levels, for example a primary school tutor may have a lower hourly rate than an A-level Tutor.

Do they suit your availability?

Some tutors will work evenings, some will work weekends, and some will work both.

When looking for a tutor its best to ensure that they can offer a time that fits around you and your child’s schedule.

As most sessions will be online then availability increases, especially as online tuition allows for zero travel time.

You can search and view availability on any tutor profile and if you are still unsure then it would be best to send them a direct message.  

What is their Teaching style?

You can, and should, ask the tutor questions, before confirming a session in order to learn more about how their style of teaching will meet your learning needs.

Some may prefer to be interactive throughout the session whilst others may talk through the subject and allow for questions at the end.

It is all about finding out what works best for your child.

The best part about accessing an online tutor is that you are not restricted by geographical location, allowing your child to learn no matter where the tutor is based.

Make sure you take time to look through online tutors and compare them against your child’s needs, in order to ensure that the tuition sessions go smoothly, and your child gets the very best learning support.