The cancellation of exams in 2021 has put a real emphasis on coursework, given that it will help teachers when looking to award grades.

In addition to past exams and predicted grades, coursework is set to be used as a guide, so for those undertaking their GCSEs or A-levels this year, seeking additional support in the run up to coursework submission could make all the difference.

If you’re keen to help your child to maximise their potential, hiring a tutor could provide guidance on coursework elements they need to complete, especially if they’re struggling to understand it.

What kind of support can a tutor give?

It’s important to note that there are limits on the kind of help that a tutor can give as far as coursework is concerned, although sometimes guidance on the basics is all that is required.

The majority of coursework support will focus on how best to structure pieces, ensuring that a cohesive argument is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Most tutors will have an understanding of how the coursework should be set up, and nailing the basics around structure could make a difference in potential grade outcomes.

Grammar can often be overlooked too, and at the very least a tutor can remind youngsters of the need to double (or even triple) check everything they are submitting when talking through their coursework plans.

When could a tutor help?

A tutor can help to encourage your child to develop their ideas and engage with the subject matter, while also guiding them on research and resources which may help.

They can also explain the GCSE and A-level content again, and providing a fresh take may help to spark your child’s imagination, or it may reaffirm areas that they were unsure on.

If your child has spoken to their class teacher and remains unsure on their coursework, or is struggling with the planning element of it, a tutor could provide guidance on how best to approach it.

Help will always be general, so as to be in line with Ofqual and exam board guidelines, but discussing topics at length could be just the inspiration needed to help your child as a coursework submission deadline looms.

To explore the wide range of fully qualified teachers available for coursework support, please search here and start accelerating learning today.