Autumnal A-level assessments will provide a valuable opportunity for young people to re-sit exams and potentially better their grades in 2021.

With pupils receiving teacher-assessed grades this summer, most have not sat exams for a considerable period of time, yet many will still be keen to enhance their outcomes.

If you fall into this category and want to ensure that you have the best chances of gaining better grades, opting for additional support from an online tutor could be the answer.

What do you need to know about the autumn exams?

Entry to the autumn 2021 series is limited to those who received assessed grades or who would have sat exams in the summer had they not been cancelled as a result of the pandemic.

AS and A-level exams will take place in October, leaving pupils with a limited amount of time to prepare if they are planning to sit one.

Could a tutor help you fill in any curriculum gaps?

Time away from the classroom saw many pupils face significant disruption to their learning during the last two years, so parts of the curriculum may not have been taught to the full extent.

A tutor can give targeted support in these instances, as they can provide tailored sessions that focus on the core parts of the curriculum, or on elements that may have been missed.

In addition, they can work with young people to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, enabling them to put forward more coherent answers.

How a tutor can help with the preparation

Tutors can also provide guidance on how best to approach topics and questions, especially where a level of analysis or argument is required – particularly useful at a time when pupils have not sat exams for a prolonged period.

By using past A-level papers and a range of other learning techniques, they can prepare pupils for what to expect in the exam itself, so that the various styles of question do not come as a surprise.

Feeling prepared can provide a valuable confidence boost and should mean pupils are in the best position possible to be successful.

Why is there a need to look further ahead?

Enhancing knowledge with the support of an online tutor will also be beneficial in the longer term for those considering studying the subjects in further education, as much of that knowledge will likely be required at some stage.

Tutors will be well-placed to recognise where key gaps in knowledge may be and can take the necessary steps to address that.

Not only will this provide a platform from which to excel in the autumn exams, but it should also help to ensure that an individual is ready to tackle further study as well.