Is your child struggling with stress or anxiety? Or perhaps they feel they’ve missed a lot of education in the last two years? Or maybe they’re lacking confidence ahead of an important exam?

If any of this sounds applicable to your child, hiring an online tutor could be just what they need. But why should you think about hiring one now?

No matter if your child is in primary, secondary, special or private schooling, here are five reasons detailing why you should act now!

Pick from a wide selection of fully qualified tutors

Accelerate Tutors has a vast network of tutors with knowledge of everything from primary education through to A-levels and other specialist areas, such as the 11 plus.

With a full understanding of the current curriculum and with specialist subject knowledge in many cases, each tutor is perfectly placed to provide support based on your child’s requirements.

Opting for online sessions makes it easier to access a wider breadth of tutoring options too, as they are not limited by geography as they would, were you to opt for face-to-face sessions.

This has the added benefit that your child could continue using a tutor’s help and support, even if you or they were to move to a different part of the country.

Take advantage of tailored support to help your child

With their extensive knowledge of the curriculum, our tutors can tailor support to meet your child’s specific needs.

If they are struggling with certain topics or subjects, the online sessions can focus on those areas in order to provide the greatest benefits.

This should enable your child to be more prepared for any exams or coursework they face, giving them a far greater chance of delivering on their potential.

Build your child’s confidence

Confidence plays a big part in success in exams, and tutors can also provide help with exam preparation, equipping your child with the tools needed to succeed.

By using past papers and carefully targeted learning approaches, a tutor can ensure that your child is prepared for what they will face when they walk into the exam room.

This type of support can also have a big impact on your child’s mental health, helping to tackle stress and anxiety that are often associated with testing periods.

Give your child help at a time that suits them

Online sessions can be delivered at a time that suits you and your child, providing much-needed flexibility should you have a busy schedule.

Using digital sessions is a time-saver too, as it reduces the need for any travel and doesn’t require any set-up – your child can simply log on from home and get started.

A wide range of readily available resources

The immediate advantage of using an online tutor is that all sessions can be recorded for future use and reference, making them ideal revision material.

On top of this, tutors can access a wide array of digital resources, meaning every element of a subject or topic can be covered with worksheets, activities and other tools.

In addition, a number of other learning aids including chat and question functionality can be used to create highly engaging sessions which can boost your child’s chances of getting top grades.