Accelerate Tutors can help connect you with private 1:1 tutors, all of whom are fully qualified teachers offering bespoke tuition specifically tailored to your / your child’s learning needs.


1 : 1 sessions can be accessed online or face-to-face by tutors who are passionate about education and deeply committed to providing the highest standards of additional support. From early years to A-level, we have tuition covered for every age and every subject!

Our 1:1 tutors can be selected based on subject, level / age group, availability and whether you would prefer this to be face to face, either at your own home or at a meeting place of your choice (subject to agreement with the tutor) or online.

Fun and focused

Rediscover the joy and importance of learning with access to the UKs top teaching talent from the comfort of your own home; our tutors are focussed on driving development whilst boosting confidence through engaging and inspiring sessions.

What are the benefits of 1:1 tuition?

Our tutors can lend a guiding hand at every level, including Key Stage 1 & 2 phonics, literacy and numeracy, throughout the transition from primary to secondary, SATs boosters, GCSE and A-level prep, plus general Maths, English, Science or any subject specific support.

1:1 tuition is aimed at helping students who are perhaps falling behind and need additional support in order to improve / help achieve their desired grade.

Other students need additional 1:1 support as they may be shy or intimidated within the classroom, or their current teacher's technique may not be the right learning style for them, which hinders understanding and progress within a specific subject

Some students may be well ahead of other children in their class and advanced for their age, 1:1 tuition can help them blossom and give them the challenge they crave that they’re perhaps not getting in the classroom.

1:1 tuition can help unlock not just a student’s understanding of a subject, but also their ability, giving them the tools to apply new found strategies to other subjects and release their potential. 

Is 1:1 tuition expensive?

Tutors set their own hourly rate and pricing can depend on their experience plus subject and level, all of our tutor’s hourly rates can be found on their profiles.

1 : 1 sessions are purely focussed on the student, no distractions, targeted support and 100% focus on their progress and theirs alone. In our eyes, it's priceless support and the best investment a parent can make for their children.

There are other options to help spread the cost like our engaging small group classes, search here.

What is included in a 1:1 tuition session?

The first lesson is likely to include time for an open discussion about the student’s learning requirements, so that the tutor can then tailor the lesson, and subsequent lessons, in order to maximise engagement and create clear attainment outcomes.

Course materials may be provided by the tutor, this will be discussed at the very beginning.

Is 1:1 tuition safe?

Many of our tutors hold a DBS, simply look out for the icon on their profile and ask for more details about their credentials, they will be happy to supply more information.

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