Your child will learn a lot at school, but they may still need additional help to reach their full potential.

That’s when the support of a fully qualified tutor can be beneficial, as they can help to boost your child’s confidence and enhance their chances of achieving better learning outcomes.

But just how can turning to the help of a tutor benefit your child, and will it be worth it?

Why a confidence boost can make such a difference

Exams, coursework and general school work can all cause anxiety among youngsters, but giving them a confidence boost can really help them to excel.

Alongside learning support, tutors can play a pivotal role in building confidence and making your child feel like they are prepared for the challenges they face.

From tackling how to approach exam questions to structuring coursework or even working on how best to approach tasks, tutors will have tried and tested methods to help your child to stay on track.

How tailored tutoring can help your child

It’s estimated that around a quarter of secondary school pupils get private tuition at some stage to help with their studies, as they often search for support in certain subjects to with specific parts of the curriculum.

Tutors are well placed to provide this kind of support, as they can tailor their teaching to enable your child to focus on areas of the curriculum where they may be unsure, or where they can build knowledge.

This often helps to drive improved results in exams and coursework, as that knowledge-base can then be used in coursework and exams to create structured and logical answers to the questions that are asked.

At the same time, a tutor can see if certain ways of learning are more beneficial to your child, as not all youngsters will learn in the same way.

All of this support will be provided in line with the national curriculum too, meaning everything learned will be beneficial in exams or further education.

How a tutor can ensure your child isn’t left behind

After a lot of lost learning in the last 18 months, targeting specific parts of the curriculum allows a tutor to ensure that a youngster does not get left behind with their studies.

It might be support for core subjects such as English and maths, or working within wider topics to develop a better understanding in the sciences, languages, history or geography.

Regardless of where your youngster may need help, a fully qualified tutor is best placed to ensure they get the assistance needed to succeed.