After a year of disruption to your child’s education, there’s still plenty of time left in the summer term for them to make a difference in their future learning.

Alongside efforts to catch up on lost learning, the term also provides a chance to look further ahead and to start preparing for challenges that can come in future academic years.

This is especially the case for those about to start their GCSE or A-level courses, as plugging any learning gaps now can leave your child in a better position to succeed in future.

Here we have five tips which can help your youngsters to finish the summer term strongly and be in a great position to start again in September.

  1. Why a learning schedule can help your child

Having a routine will ultimately help your child’s learning, as it helps to ensure that they are not spending too little time, or too much, on their education.

It may be tempting for them to attempt to cram lost learning into their evenings and weekends, but this method of learning is not a guaranteed means of success.

This is where a tutor could help, as they could guide them through certain topics outside of school time and ensure that a level of understanding exists by revisiting those topics at the beginning of every session.

  1. How to identify strengths and weaknesses

After time away from the classroom, any gaps in subject knowledge are likely to be exacerbated.

Highlighting strengths and weaknesses within different subject areas will be key to helping your child to succeed, and tutors will automatically look to do this in the early stages of teaching, as it enables them to focus their sessions on the areas where they can be most beneficial.

They’ll also know the key parts of the curriculum which may form the basis for future years, providing a solid foundation of knowledge on which to build on from September.

  1. How your child can benefit from planning ahead

If your child has a particular target in mind, setting goals for the summer term should help them to get where they want to be.

Tutors can also help them to reach those goals with carefully tailored learning plans which look to build on what your child is learning in the classroom and which helps to embed the knowledge they have learned.

  1. Why taking a break is important to relax the mind

It’s important to remember not to overwork your children too in any efforts to support them with catching up on lost learning.

Taking regular breaks between schoolwork helps to boost productivity and maintain their attention spans when the time comes to return to work.

Having this time away from work can help your child to relax and can alleviate stress too, a key factor given that a number of children have reported greater levels of anxiety on the back of the pandemic.

Doing physical activities during these breaks can also increase blood flow, which has a knock-on effect of helping your child to focus.

  1. Why promoting positivity is key

With everything that has happened during the last year, it’s important that your child recognises what they can and cannot influence when it comes to their learning.

Rather than dwelling on lost learning and negativity, encourage them to finish the term strongly by staying positive and by ensuring that every day is beneficial to their education.

Teachers and tutors can provide guidance for your child on the best ways of doing this, as there are numerous tried and tested methods to help drive success.