If you’re trying to help your child’s learning and are considering the services of a tutor, have you considered if group learning could help their outcomes and drive success?

Ultimately, tutoring is designed to help build your child’s confidence and to help better their understanding of key elements of the curriculum – this can be done on a 1:1 basis or via the option of enrolling your child in small online group classes.

From primary school lessons through to GCSE or A-level preparation, these group online classes can provide support for children of any age or ability.

Here we explain how these sessions work, and explore how they could benefit your child as they look to overcome lost learning as a result of the pandemic.

Why could small group classes be the answer?

Online group sessions are usually held with between four and six similarly-aged pupils, all of whom have a similar level of ability and knowledge.

This enables tutors to tailor work and deliver highly engaging sessions which will be most beneficial to your child and the others in the group.

The interactive nature of the sessions can help to develop confidence through group engagement, as it also enables each pupil to bounce ideas around and discuss them.

How new approaches can bring new learning success

Online group classes also allow different types of learning activities to be used when compared to 1:1 sessions, and these mixed approaches to learning can be highly beneficial as they encourage alternative ways of thinking.

This can be particularly beneficial when youngsters are struggling to understand certain topics or parts of the curriculum, as they are challenged to think about the content differently.

Group work can also encourage them to speak up and ask questions in situations when they may otherwise not, which again helps them to better their knowledge and understanding.

How much do online group sessions cost?

Opting for online group sessions can be significantly cheaper than private 1:1 sessions, which can make them a more appealing prospect.

You also have the option of choosing exactly how many sessions you’d like your child to attend, so you can manage the costs accordingly.

Tutors who offer group sessions will set their own hourly rates and you’ll find that costs are dictated by their level of experience, as well as the level of teaching and the subjects being covered.