As your child prepares to move up a year this summer, additional support can help to ensure that they’re ready for what the new academic year has in store.

This is especially the case if they’re preparing to make the transition into a new school or learning environment, whether that’s a move from Year 6 into secondary school, or progressing from GCSE through to A-level.

After the disruption to education as a result of the pandemic, you may feel your child requires extra support, which is where tutors can help to bridge the gap.

From building confidence to providing guidance on what to expect, tutoring services can help give your child a platform from which to make next year a success.

How a tutor can help with a switch between schools

The transition from primary to secondary school can be especially daunting for youngsters, as the move brings a lot of changes and unknowns.

In these situations, a tutor can help your child to develop their coping skills in readiness for the challenges they’ll face.

Your child can talk about any worries they have about moving schools, while a tutor is well placed to help them with work preparation and to provide guidance on what to expect.

A tutor can also provide summer support if your child needs to fill gaps or enhance their knowledge in core subjects such as English and maths, helping to lay the foundations for a successful start in secondary education.

It’s important to recognise that some children will find the move more difficult than others, and parents also have a pivotal role to play in discussing the change and helping to alleviate some of their concerns.

Why is support needed for the transition between GCSE and A-levels?

The approaches required for GCSE exams vary greatly to those at A-level, with the latter heavily focused on developing knowledge and understanding.

Tutors can provide support with certain subjects, helping to plug knowledge gaps and introduce youngsters to the methods of analytical thinking that will be required.

This is especially important at a time when pupils may have missed parts of the curriculum during their GCSE studies in the last 12 months, as those core elements will form the basis of their A-level studies.

A tutor can tailor sessions to focus on these specific areas, helping to ensure that your child is prepared for the transition into A-level study this autumn.

If you or your child has concerns over how to bridge any gaps in their learning as they ready themselves for a new year group, contact us today to discover how our online tutors can help.