At a time when many youngsters have missed swathes of their education, it’s understandable as a parent that you’ll want to do everything possible to help them catch up.

If your child has key exams on the horizon, feels as though they need more help, or could be encouraged to excel even further, online tutoring could be the answer.

From one-to-one sessions to targeted learning, here are just some of the reasons why you may want to consider tutoring services.

Why consider an online tutor?

Online tutoring provides an additional resource for your child, with the simple aim of helping them to improve.

They may be struggling with certain topics and need help catching up, or perhaps they’re keen to achieve better results in major exams or get ahead of their peers – whatever their goal, a tutor should be able to help them achieve it.

What qualifications can I expect an online tutor to have?

Online tutors will often be checked before they can sign up to provide their services, so you can rest assured that they’ll have adequate experience to help your child succeed.

Holding Qualified Teacher Status demonstrates that they have classroom experience and conduct themselves following the Teachers’ Standards, which outline the minimum expectations for their professional conduct.

This means you can expect an online tutor to have an extensive knowledge of the curriculum across numerous subjects at primary level, or in selected subjects at secondary level.

What are the advantages of online tutoring?

Opting for an online tutor removes all geographical boundaries, as your child can be taught from the comfort of your own home by a tutor anywhere in the country.

Not only does this remove the need for any travel, it also provides greater flexibility over when tutoring sessions can take place, enabling your child to learn at a time which suits both you and them.

How could my child benefit from targeted learning?

In a short space of time with your child, a tutor should be able to pinpoint areas for development, or highlight specific parts of the curriculum where additional work is required.

This way it’s possible to target the areas that will most benefit them, be that in terms of exam preparation or for filling gaps as a result of any lost learning.

Online lessons can then be shaped accordingly, enabling your child to see their progress from one session to the next.

What subjects are best suited to online tutoring?

The tuition your child may need will often depend on their age, as the focus at primary level is predominantly on English and Maths, whereas subject support tends to broaden out as they get older.

Many subjects, including the Sciences, languages, History and Geography, can all be delivered online, and tutors can also access a wide range of resources to assist with further learning.