If your child is struggling with certain topics, is at risk of falling behind their peers in the classroom, or requires help to reach their maximum potential, online tutoring could be just what you need.

Online tutoring can provide an array of learning support for them, with the added benefit of being delivered from any location with a strong enough internet connection.

This means your child can access the help they need from the comfort of home, with sessions delivered via video chats, virtual classrooms or shared screens.

Why choose online tutoring?

Online tutoring can bring a range of benefits for your child, from helping them to hone their exam technique, to preparing for tests such as the 11 plus.

Sessions can also help them to fulfil their potential, or to plug gaps in their learning (especially if they missed out on classroom as a result of the pandemic).

In addition, a tutor can also help to build your child’s confidence, either ahead of exams or if they require assistance with certain subject matter.

Opting for an online tutor rather than a face-to-face one provides all of these benefits, alongside greater convenience and the flexibility to do sessions that a time which suits you. 

What does online tutoring normally include?

The types of session which can be delivered will largely depend on your child’s age and needs – the focus for younger pupils is typically on maths and English skills, while sessions for older children can branch out into a range of different subject areas.

Tutors will plan sessions based on your child’s needs and will discuss these at the outset to ensure that carefully tailored plans are put together.

Online sessions can then be delivered to maximise the learning time available and provide youngsters with tools needed to be successful in the exam hall.

But how safe is online tutoring?

As a reputable online tutoring service, Accelerate Tutors carries out DBS checks on all of our tutors and provides the opportunity for you to talk to them in advance of any sessions.

When sessions are delivered online, you can also listen in if you wish so as to alleviate any concerns.

As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a device with video capabilities to connect on, your child can access a range of online sessions.

This flexibility enables you to plan the tutoring around your lifestyle too, making it easier than ever for your child to access quality learning support.